Case Studies: NASA


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation

NASA: The Columbia Accident Investigation Board released their final report.  CAIB Report

Chapter 10, Sec. 9 deals specifically with the intermittent, explosive-bolt cabling problems which were experienced on mutiple shuttle launches prior to the Columbia disaster, which were subsequently tested and isolated by Universal Synaptics Corporation's IFD Intermittent Fault Detection Testing System at Kennedy Space Center... chapter 10.9-1.

10.9.3 synopsis: "Today's test and troubleshooting technology" [Universal Synaptics Corp's IFD] "may have improved the ability to test circuits and potentially prevent intermittent failures".

Their Observation: "NASA should consider a redesign of the system" "or conduct advanced testing for intermittent failure" using said equipment.

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