Neural Matrix Technology

Neural-Analog Testing Technology

The concept of applying a Hardware Neural Network to detect and isolate unexpected electrical events in electronic circuits was first disclosed to the world testing community in September 1994 in a technical publication featured at the IEEE Autotestcon conference in Los Angeles. The publication titled: An Analyzer For Detecting Aging Faults In Electronic Devices and was prepared by Brent A. Sorensen, Gary Kelly, Art Sayecki and Paul W. Sorensen.

Since then, neural-analog technology has become the new testing standard for detecting and isolating Intermittent events and performing forensic analysis of No Fault Found (NFF) problems that are plaguing military and civilian electronic applications.

The evolution of neural-analog testing technology currently resides in the IFD-4000 series of Intermittent Fault Detectors and Ncompass No Fault Found Analyzers which are capable of testing 256+ simultaneous circuits all independently sensing for intermittent ohmic discontinuities below 50 nanoseconds (.00000005 seconds).