Expert Opinions

Defeat Intermittents in T&MW...

“Universal Synaptics has a neat piece of high-tech test equipment”… “The company is small, but my recent visit convinced me that what it lacks in size, it makes up for in technology and the ability to accurately locate intermittent problems”… “I saw their equipment and it works”! 

                        - John Titus, Editorial Director, Test & Measurement World

Equipment Reliability

"Brent Sorensen's firm has developed some useful solutions to the dilema of the "black box" ...whose electrical behavior is intermittent and/or unpredictable.  His solution works for USAF.  Perhaps it will work for you."

                         - Wayne Tustin, President Equipment Reliability Institute            

Aviation Today

"There is a solution. A product called IFD made by Universal Synaptics introduces a new testing paradigm called reliability testing, which directly tests for intermittency, the predominant result of aging avionics."

                        - Ed Maher, Aviation Today

On what is required for intermittence testing...

 “Only parallel and true analog analysis can even hope to detect and correctly identify this problem”… “Universal Synaptics Corp. now provides a massively parallel intermittent fault detector”… “to do analysis of everything from internal unit wiring to airframe harnesses in situ..”

                   - Walter Shawlee 2, Avionics Magazine

After their first day of IFD intermittence testing...

 “Just wanted to let you know... Everything went extremely well... Everything was awesome."

                   - A.Whyte.,  Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC)

On the IFD technology and proposed intermittence testing at NASA/USA...

I was briefed on it, and it is very good technology!...

                   - Jake Garn, former U.S. Senator and Space Shuttle Astronaut on KUTV's  Channel 2 News

On the IFD's inclusion in the Joint Strike Fighter's down-selection, during their report on desired test technology...

"The only fix for airborne intermittents while on the ground"

- JSF Program Office

No Fault Found frustrations and why this problem is so prevalent and endemic in the avionics industries… 

“It is fair to say that the nature and design of a test automatically predetermines the result”.  

                     - Walter Shawlee 2, Avionics Magazine