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The Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System™ (IFDIS™)

Named as an American Technology Award Finalist

in the Aerospace & Defense Category

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Ogden, Utah.  June, 2012 – Universal Synaptics Corp. announces that the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS) has been named as a finalist in the Aerospace & Defense category for the 2012 TechAmerica Foundation American Technology Awards (ATA’s). The ATA’s cross the technology industry recognizing technology products and services like the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS). The winners will be announced at the Technology and Government gala dinner in Washington D.C., June 13th 2012. Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) will also be honored during the dinner with the American Technology Awards Corporate Leadership Award and Department of Homeland Security Chief Information Officer, Richard Spires will be recognized as the Government Technology Executive of the Year.

Universal Synaptics Corp. is the recognized industry leader in detecting and isolating intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) which is a leading contributor to low reliability, high maintenance and ground support costs and low readiness in aircraft wiring, Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) and Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs). Approximately 50% of all pilot reported system malfunctions that occur in the air, go undetected in follow on ground testing in large part due to conventional automated test equipment serial scanning and digital testing limitations.

“The caliber of this year’s nominees was incredible. Our judges had their work cut out for them”, said Jennifer Kerber, President of the TechAmerica Foundation. “We congratulate Universal Synaptics for their outstanding work and thank them for their contribution to the growth and innovation of our vibrant tech industry”.

The awards, also known as the “Termans” in honor of the widely credited father of Silicon Valley Frederick Emmons Terman, are awarded on the basis of a thorough evaluation by industry experts and technology leaders.

The three finalists in the Aerospace & Defense category are: Honeywell Aerospace – Low Emissions HTF7000, Quantum3D – ExpeditionDI, and Universal Synaptics – Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS).

“The selection of the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System as a finalist in the Aerospace & Defense category of the American Technology Awards further demonstrates the uniqueness and wide applicability of our advanced prognostic and diagnostic capability” said Ken Anderson, Universal Synaptics Corp., Vice President of Sales & Business Development. “The IFDIS is specifically designed to detect and isolate intermittent faults and reduce No Fault Found (NFF) in aircraft wiring, LRUs and WRAs, the IFDIS continues to be recognized as the only technology solution available to achieve real No Fault Found reductions, significantly lower maintenance costs and greatly improve reliability and availability. The American Technology Awards selection and success of the IFDIS would not be possible without our partners at Ogden Air Logistics Center and Total Quality Systems”.

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Since 1996, Universal Synaptics Corporation, based in Ogden, UT., has been an industry leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults, and spent years in the "trenches" researching and solving complex diagnostic and testing problems. Their research into the primary root causes of intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) problems and the massive digital testing void that exists today with conventional scanning test equipment, led to the development of the patented Intermittent Fault Detector (IFD™), hardware neural network and all-lines-all-the-time wiring / circuit analyzer test solutions and the Neural Electronic Repair & Diagnostics Systems (NERDS™). For more information, please contact Universal Synaptics (801) 731-8508 #1

The Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS™) was selected as the Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium “Great Ideas” Winner 2010 and The Tibbetts Award winner 2011; The Tibbetts Award is given by the U.S. Small Business Administration, to honor outstanding small businesses who participate in the SBA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

For more information, please contact Ken Anderson at Universal Synaptics:

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