Intermittent Fault Detection Pioneers

Since 1996, Universal Synaptics Corporation has been the industry leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults with our unique and innovative line of Intermittent Fault Detector (IFD) investigation tools. Our Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) capability was built on the foundation of innovation, and innovation remains today as a sturdy...

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Award Winning Technology

Award Winning Technology - Two-Time Winner, Department of Defense "Great Ideas" Competition 2010 & 2012. - Two-Time "Top-5 Finalist" in the Office of the Secretary of Defense Maintenance Technology Challenge 2012 & 2013. - "Best of State" Winner for 2014, Applied Science / Technology Category. - American Technology Award Finalist 2012, Aerospace & Defense...

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Advanced Testing Science

In a typical avionics system, there are thousands of internal and external circuit paths moving electrons through thousands more physical interconnection points which are all aging to some degree and will fail intermittently long before they fail permanently. It only takes one of these devices reaching this condition to render...

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No Fault Found (NFF)

The maintenance of aircraft electronic Line Replaceable Assemblies (LRUs) and Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs) pose an ever increasing challenge.  Much of the challenge is related to intermittent faults which occur due to aging wiring and connections.  These intermittent problems manifest themselves as "bad actor" LRUS and WRAs or as repair...

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Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS™)

At the heart of the IFDIS™ is patented, state of the art, intermittent fault detection circuitry which simultaneously and continuously monitors every single electrical path in the chassis, all at the same time, while exposing the UUT to the simulated operational environment.  The intermittent fault detection analog hardware neural network...

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Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector (VIFD™)

  The portable Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector™ (VIFD™) is capable of interfacing with 256 or 512 electrical connection points.  The VIFD™ is a patented diagnostic instrument that can simultaneously and continuously monitor all unit under test (UUT) circuits, individually at the same time, detecting intermittent faults that occur, even as short...

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Universal Synaptics Partners with DIT-MCO International


The Global Leader in Intermittent Fault Detection and NFF Solutions Partners

with the Global Leader in Automatic Test Solutions


Roy, Utah.  April 2014 – Universal Synaptics Corporation announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with DIT-MCO International of Kansas City, Missouri. The purpose of the strategic partnership is to provide intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) test solutions to a broader range of military and commercial customers, with a focus on Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, Intermediate and Depot Level maintenance organizations, Flight Line and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This partnership supports the near and long term goals of both companies to reduce the intermittent / NFF problem in aircraft Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS).

DIT-MCO International is the global leader in automatic test solutions and wiring analyzers. DIT-MCO has been at the fore-front of innovative solutions in wiring testing for over 60 years.

“Together, DIT-MCO and Universal Synaptics will provide an unbeatable combination of advanced diagnostic capability to the wiring test and diagnostics community” said Rick Thompson, DIT-MCO International, President and CEO. “DIT-MCO’s long history of delivering proven effective and unique solutions to tough wiring maintenance challenges continues and our partnership with Universal Synaptics further demonstrates our commitment to our customers’ needs and diagnostic requirements”

Universal Synaptics Corporation is the global leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults. For more than 18 years Universal Synaptics has focused on solving complex diagnostic and testing problems. The company’s research into the primary root causes of intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) problems and the massive digital testing void that exists today with conventional test equipment, led to the development of the patented Intermittent Fault Detector (IFD), hardware neural network and all-lines-all-the-time wiring / circuit analyzer test solutions.

“Combining our business, engineering and diagnostic expertise together with DIT-MCO’s current product offerings opens new doors for maintenance technicians and engineers to easily get the tools they need to effectively reduce No Fault Found” said W. David Chambers, Universal Synaptics Corporation, President and CEO. “This strategic partnership combines DIT-MCO’s unparalleled brand and reputation, distribution and marketing strengths with Universal Synaptics innovative technology solutions and intermittent / No Fault Found reduction and remediation expertise.”

For additional information and media inquiries please contact:

DIT-MCO International

PH: 816-444-9700

EM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Universal Synaptics Corporation

PH: 801-731-8508  #1

EM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Universal Synaptics Corp. and Total Quality Systems (TQS) just completed the F16 AN/APG-68 Radar System Modular Low Power Radio Frequency (MLPRF) joint testing project with the United States Air Force. The F-16 MLPRF chassis’ is the box with the high...
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